Chalk Signs for a Summer Wedding

I’m going to start posting some of the random artsy things I find myself doing from time to time. Here’s a recent project I did for the wedding of my two friends this summer. They had a beautiful ceremony at their home, and I was so excited to be able to contribute in some way! Here’s a few photos I snapped before taking them over the day of the wedding:


Sparkler send off


Welcome sign, order of events


Revers of the two signs, with a thank you for attending featuring the couple’s cat Lilah, and a message for the ceremony seating.


…and of course a menu.

This was a really fun low-key project this summer! We had a wonderful time spending the evening among friends in a beautiful setting, celebrating the joy between the bride and groom as they started their new lives together.

This year, we dressed down for Valentine’s Day

Below: how I dressed for work vs how I dressed for our vday date.   This year we decided to stay in and make a nice meal while wearing sweatpants. It didn’t stop us from breaking out the fine china, though: 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Snow Daze

Portland is experiencing uncharacteristically cold and snowy weather lately. When you’re a grown up and have to work and keep your home you own safe from bad weather, the idea of a snow day starts to lose its appeal. Maybe this is what being 30 has done? Killed my inner snow-loving child? Continue reading