On Turning Thirty…

Things that completely adult women have at their 30th Birthday party:

  • A room full of balloons
  • A crafternoon station with DIY trucker hats and glitter bottles
  • Rainbow streamer photo booth
  • Fancy rented gown(s!) complete with mid-party costume change
  • Unicorn and narwhal cupcakes
  • Whiskey, cigars, s’mores…

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Welcome(?) Mat

Here is a quick project I recently pulled together after Kyle and I misread a door mat that said “welcome home”

From Kyle:

It’s the perfect door mat, because when we get home, it’s welcoming. And when anyone else comes here, they have to leave.

…and that was good enough reasoning for me! We bought a blank door mat and the rest came together pretty quickly!

The supplies:

Taping the lettering:

  Stipling on the paint:

…and again the final product:

Overall this project cost less than $20 and took about two hours, but makes me smile every time I cross my entryway. Worth it.

Living(room) It Up

December 2015 saw the purchase of our first home – a 1946 ranch style home in Milwaukie, Oregon. We were really fortunate to find a move-in ready home, so little real work was required when we got our keys.

Over the holidays, Kyle and I spent our time off moving, unpacking, and personalizing this blank space. We’re moving a room at a time, and have made the most progress in our living room and dining room. Here’s a peek at where we are today!


Living room record station, featuring:


Front door (and part of our dining room over there!), featuring:

  • Typewriter poster
  • Front door wind chime – another wedding gift!
  • Pendleton blanket
  • Pillow – one of the many pillows I made over the holidays
  • This chair is actually one section of the couch featured below – the flexible, modular couch means this piece can be pulled out and used as separate seating.


Living room couch (and pooch), featuring:

  • Can I tell you how much I love this couch? It’s the perfect height to keep from blocking any part of that large window showing off my backyard. It’s big enough that Kyle, Osa and I can all be laying on it during a movie. And it matches this whole mid-century eclectic thing we seem to have going.
  • Pillows – these are more pillows I made over the holidays, featuring more Pendleton wool.
  • Another Ikea lamp – not sure if it’s still available for purchase.
  • A poster Kyle got from a friend who had visited China during college


Dining Room – probably the room we’ve put the most work into! Featuring:

  • A table Kyle made his own darn self! Using instructions from this blog, he spent several days planing, sanding, staining and finishing this table and bench.
  • This southwestern print rug from All Modern – very affordable and with free delivery!
  • And sitting on the picture ledge – a mix of local prints, the same log fabric from our pillows and a photo from our engagement shoot with Joe Tobiason.

We definitely have many more projects in mind – and have an office, our bedroom, and a guest room to tackle (not to mention the garage and attached bonus room!) but we’re starting to feel pretty cozy in our new home.