How does your office contribute to collaborative atmospheres?

People with similar attitudes are more likely to get along, those with diverse backgrounds are more likely to generate novel ideas, but none of those interactions exist without the primary ingredient of casual encounters and unexpected conversations.

I love being on the Behance Team’s email list. The quote, above, is from their article, “How to Build a Collaborative Office Space like Pixar and Google,” which you may or may not know, was pretty much the topic of my thesis in school.

What I like about this article is it basically encourages people to walk around and randomly chat with their coworkers. What if we brought that idea outside of the office and into a greater circle of influence? What if, instead of walking around in our separate worlds, minding our own business, we approached our days with an openness and curiosity and willingness to contribute in any way we can?

What if indeed! Thanks for the brain food, 99u.

Realizing some childhood ambitions

Sometimes I step back from my work and am overcome with the realization that 6 year old Erin would have loved what I do today.

Erin May Design Chalk Art Erin May Design Chalk Art Erin May Design Chalk ArtYesterday was one of those days. Drawing pretty things on chalk boards is a pretty amazing gig.

And now, just like 6 year old Erin, I need a nap and a juice.



Phood Photography.

So last week I had the chance to do a little food photography, and while editing my photos I noticed a funny effect as I flipped back and forth. See how the image seems to take on an almost 3d effect, the plate almost jumping off the screen?

Delicious Happy Hour Mac and Cheese!

Delicious Happy Hour Mac and Cheese!

Dancing Drink

Dancing Drink

Pork Medallions, yum.

Pork Medallions, yum.

These also make me a little dizzy, but kind of a fun effect to keep in mind!


Website Tour

I’ve been remiss lately in updating My Portfolio. That tends to happen when you are busy helping people promote their businesses – everything for your own promotion tends to come last!

The problem is, updating my portfolio means recreating my work to be easily digested- and make sense to the layperson. One method I’ve been playing with in showing off my web design skills is creating screen capture videos. I created the below with a combination of quicktime for the capture and photoshop for the placement and editing:

This way, I am able to work clients through the site and how it moves, without just sending them screenshots. It also is much more dynamic and interesting!

You might notice this is still not on my portfolio. I guess for this project, I’ve only made it so far. The rest will have to come up on another day!


Working For the Weekend- and On the Weekend!

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Did you guys hear about Google Reader calling it quits?? I’ve been using that service for years, and frankly feel a little lost! At the suggestion of Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess, I’m trying out Bloglovin (see link above). I think I like it, so far! It’s nice to see content as it appears on people’s websites, rather than stripped down to text and images like in Reader.

Anyway, aside from my blogging-fanatic problems, I am pretty happy to see the weekend is well on its way. Not because I need a rest- oh no! Mostly because I can’t wait to dig into some work and really focus on a few projects- both for clients and for myself.

Also, the dreaded Shamrock Run. Here’s hoping I run fast and wear enough green to keep from getting pinched!

What are your weekend plans?


A little recent client work!

Hello there! I thought I’d mix it up today and share with you a recent event branding project I’ve worked on with a client, Paddy’s Bar. They are having a killer blow-out St Patrick’s Day party this weekend (which I very much encourage you to attend!) and I was thrilled to work on the branding of this very Irish event.

m_82_pf_open_white 048 Included in this project were posters, ads, web files, an in-store promotion and a reskin of the Portland Mercury website (above).

St Paddy's Poster - schedule-01


St Patrick's day VIP 2013 web-04


Raffle poster and table top

As a person named Erin, I feel a special affinity for St. Patrick’s Day (even though I used to be pretty annoyed when people said “Erin go bragh“). I am already planning my green outfit and excited about this weekend’s festivities, including the dreaded Shamrock Run!