Manic Monday

Hello! Happy Monday, my friends.

This weekend passed by in a very relaxed, lazy way that weirdly felt productive. I volunteered with my work for Operation Clean Sweep to clean up my neighborhood on Saturday, and have decided that stickers are not only the lamest way to tag sign posts, but are also really hard to scrape off. On Sunday, I spent a good part of my afternoon sewing a fancy new sweater! I’m pretty happy with the results and feeling possibly too confident in my newly discovered sewing abilities.

Brunch Before Volunteer Day

Brunch Before Volunteer Day

Sewing Crafternoon Sunday!

Sewing Crafternoon Sunday!

Anyway, I’ve sensed a pattern in the links for this week. Here are some ways to waste your Monday.

Books I’ve been wanting to read:

Bites I’ve been wanting to try out in the kitchen:

Projects I’m filing away to tackle at a later date:

  • This scrap quilt. 
  • This tufted ottoman.
  • These cute headphones.


Manic Monday

Hello! Are you still stuffed from your Thanksgiving? I am. So much so, that I’ve decided to get a head start on my 2013 resolutions by working on my health this month- that means exercise, eating well and making sure I get lots of sleep.

This weekend, I spent some quality time with my parents, watched a lot of home videos, rooted for the Ducks with some girlfriends, and let myself do absolutely nothing for an embarrassing amount of time. It was glorious!

my signature dish at Thanksgiving…

Here are some items to keep you entertained this week:

My Home.

This last weekend made me especially grateful for my new home. Decorating for dinner, finally getting artwork on the walls, adding in new personal pet projects- the place is really coming together. I want to share a recently finished project: my painted rug!

In this picture, I had just realized that I matched the rug. That’s what spending all night painting it will do for you. 

This was a recent Pinterest find that I decided to try out for myself! I did a little reading around, and figured it couldn’t be too hard. Here was the basic process:

1. First, I designed a couple different options on my computer. I solicited votes, and decided on the version to the right:

2. Then, I hammered my rug to the wall. Following my big painting project, I felt that I had perfected the “project and paint” technique. A stencil or taping would have worked well also. I then started painting, with the help of this handsome guy:

3. …and that was about it! I guess I didn’t really need step-by-step instructions. The materials included house paint in multiple colors, a drop cloth and a few nails, in addition to the projector to use. And just because I love it so much and it looks so great, here’s just one more picture of this rug: 


I’m also loving how that book shelf is coming along! We look smart, right? My new home is great.


One More Polka, Diane!

This last weekend I went to Oktoberfest, and amidst the sausage and the polka, I was reminded of my new favorite pants.

My polka dot pants. Which I made myself in my new resolution to Make, Thrift or Alter. (It’s been over a month since I’ve bought a single article of clothing- and while that’s a very small accomplishment in the grand scheme of things, I think it’s a pretty great start!)

These pants were the brainchild of these other pants I kept seeing and lusting after, as well as the slow demise of an old pair of skinny jeans that had a hole in them. So I patched my pants and pulled out the old Google, searched for Polka Dot Pants DIY, and found a few great tutorials. I found that the trick was creating the first row using a ruler so the dots were evenly spaced, and then eyeballing it from there for a little variation. I also tried to let the paint run out a bit every few polka dots because I wanted a less uniform and more faded look.

Have you been setting aside clothing to alter? I’ve got a huge list going and I’m excited to get started.

how to: Make A Dino Planter

Welcome to a new series! This is where I’ll provide very basic steps to various projects I do.

1. Drill hole on top of dinosaur. Be sure to include a drainage hole along its belly for excess water!

2. Spray paint! This took me probably 4-5 coats of thin, even coats of white spray paint.

3. Let dry a few hours.

4. Plant! I used succulents because my thumb is more of a dead orange color than the traditional green. An air plant would also do well on these guys.

5. Enjoy! These are fun to pose and play with when no one else is around.

I made these planters a few months ago now, and they never fail to bring a smile to my face. Happy DIY-ing!