Play it cool…

One of the things I wrote about in my fashion philosophy post from last week was dressing for an occasion or a character you’re playing. This outfit was the attempt at “effortlessly cool” that actually took a lot of effort!


The progression of this image is : Contemplative staring off into the sunset, playing it cool with a casual smile, then realizing that I’m totally awkward and not really fooling anyone.

Gotta love that golden sunset light.

The joy of making things

Today was my third installment of sewing with Shelley. My mom and I have been making retro-inspired dresses for ourselves. Today we chose buttons and pinned all the trim in place.

There is something about the act of making things with your hands- seeing the materials that go into it, piecing it together, making it fit and work. The steps leading up to a finished product are so often overlooked. It makes you appreciate a final product. It’s nice to work my hands at something.

Sorting through buttons today was kind of a hoot.