To continue my obsession a bit more today…

Zooey Deschanel is the unofficial poster child for hip and quirky twenty-something white girls, who have shaggy bangs and tattoos of fruit on their ankles and a closet full of brightly colored, vintage cardigans.

As a follow up to Today’s Post, I started doing research on what glasses Zooey wears (found here!) and in the process came across the quotation above from this article, entitled “How Zooey Deschanel [almost] ruined my sex life”. Now, I’m not saying I have a tattoo of a fruit on my ankle (I really don’t, I swear grandma!) but this description is eerily spot-on.

Now if I could only decide if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing….

My (semi-embarrassing) Cardigan Collection

As part of my new series where I chronicle my collections (some might call this an excuse to be a hoarder- I say I’m just good at carefully curating themed belongings), I wanted to showcase my extensive cardigan collection.

Now, cardigans are my jam. I love me a good button up sweater in a variety of colors and lengths and weights- and some have accused me of dressing like a grandmother, but I’ll have you know that both of my grandmothers are far too fashionable to resort to the type of cardigans I typically wear.

That’s right, I embrace my librarian-granny-nerd gear, and here it is in its full glory:

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Clearly with such a versatile item, I MUST own one in every color, length, level of dressiness and if I really love it, multiples of each category. And you should know, while this is the majority of my collection, it isn’t my complete collection because you can only have 10 images in the gif creator.

What is part of your everyday uniform? Got any suggestions on where to get a polka-dot patterned cardi? Feeling like a bit of an enabler yet?


Winter Blues

My friends, it is COLD in Portland lately. Now, I know that some of you live in places that have a real winter and experience snow and in general have actual complaints about weather, but to this temperate-weather native the coldness of Portland has seeped into my bones.

But! I’m also getting a little tired of  my well-worn wardrobe of sweaters and nondescript, bulky coats. That’s why I’ve taken to wearing my sundresses again, in celebration of the sun breaks we’ve been experiencing in Portland, despite the chill.

Wearing a sundress in the middle of winter

Here are my rules for wearing sundresses in winter:

  1. Don’t really pay attention to fashion rules. I’ve never really believed in banning white after labor day. I’m a big fan of the “Canadian Tuxedo” by pairing my chambray shirt and jeans. And I wear clothing when it is generally thought to be out of season! That brings me to my next point….
  2. Layer. Like a maniac. Put on  your tights. Layer a cute slip or skirt underneath. Put on socks, grab a cardigan and rock a scarf. It might feel summery to wear a sundress, but that won’t make the frigid temperatures any less chilly.
  3. Pair dark and neutral colors with the dress. This will add more of a wintery palette, don’t you think?
  4. Play with texture. Thick wools with thin cotton- comfy and interesting! Stretchy tights with leather boots? Oh yeah.

That’s about it! I really cannot emphasize the bundling up enough- no one wants a little matchstick girl frozen on their stoop, no matter how cute the outfit.

Stay warm, my friends.


P.S. how cute is my stoop? I love my house.

An Outfit for a Creative Brainstorm Meeting

So at first I accidentally named this post “Brianstorm”, which I kind of love. I just imaging my very ginger very silly friend Brian being a storm around my head with pointy fingers as lightning and it makes me laugh.

Anyway… working from home presents certain wardrobe challenges. Like…how do I work from home in my sweatpants all day and then look cute and creative for a client meeting?

The answer is big comfy sweaters and stretchy jeans. Paired with my go-to booties, and I feel relaxed, comfortable and somewhat like the “Portland Creative” I strive to be.

animated gifs

So here it is in several silly awkward poses.

animated gifs
And here it is with a jacket and cute scarf made by my roomie!

IMG_0820I can’t help feeling pretty silly taking pictures of myself awkwardly in my home. I’ve never been someone who is photogenic in any way let alone with a tripod and my propensity to be awkward when left to my own devices. Oh well! #hatersgonnahate



Something I’ve come to really notice about myself since moving and living with amazing new roommates, is that I’m pretty odd when I’m home. Home is supposed to be where you can take off your shoes, get comfy and just be yourself. It turns out my version of being myself and comfy at home is wearing goofy clothes and singing to myself all the time.

I work part-time as a marketing coordinator for a local nonprofit. That means, in the morning I don my corporate-friendly clothes and head out to change the world (or at least contribute in some way). By mid-day, when my hours are up, I come home to do my freelance work– and included in this routine is changing out of my work clothes, Mister-Rogers-Style, and putting on something a bit more comfortable and laid back for the afternoon and evening work.

While most people may be content to simply switch into sweats, here’s what I do:


I wear this hat almost every day. 

Seriously. Every day, home alone, in my  basement office, odds are I’m sitting at my computer, typing away and wearing this bad boy. I’m not even sure why- it’s warm, but its’ not like I’m cold at my desk. It does have a nice way of blocking out anything other than my thoughts? In theory, at least.

afterglow (2)

I wear big bright scarves. And tights with shorts. And pose with weird props. 

That last one might be more specific to this particular picture, but I do tend to make fashion choices that are a bit more bold than I would normally go for outside the home. I think there’s this idea of dressing for the part of “freelance Portland designer” that makes me feel I should be a little more risky, creative and just plain weird with my clothing choices.

afterglow (3)

Sometimes I just go ahead and dig into the dress up drawer. 

Yeah, this is from before the move. And yeah, I’m 25 years old and have a dress up drawer. But you know what? It’s fun. Sure, I might be home alone and working, but I can certainly make myself smile. And some days, that’s really all that counts.

What are your secrets when it comes to being solo?


Who’ll stop the rain….

Yep, that’s a CCR reference. I might have been in a banjo mindset all week.

In case you haven’t been anywhere near social media (or don’t live in Portland), it’s raining in this city. And while that’s not normally any big news, it hasn’t rained here in over 100 days. So as you can imagine, we’re all pretty excited.

pOEL9P on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

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Welcome back, old friend. It’s rain jacket, tights and boots season again! On a side note, I’ve recently started wearing tights and shorts on days when I’m just hanging around the house- I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’m pretty sure it takes me a little closer to being a hipster. Meh.