Manic Monday

Hello and welcome to Monday, my friends! I know quite a few people have today off because of MLK day, and I hope that you’re putting your day to good use. I for one, am working- and kind of appreciate that fact more so than after previous weekends.

This weekend was really great. I spent time with people I adore and don’t get to see often enough. I read, organized my life and ate well. (see pictures of cooking below. Yum.) I completed a few projects, did some much-needed cleaning, and found time to completely rearrange furniture for the heck of it. What, you don’t do that in your spare time?

For some reason, though, I couldn’t shake this feeling of anxiousness this weekend. I’m hoping that getting back to work and into my routine of productive task managing might help. So here’s to you, Monday!

Before that whirlwind of productive activity sets in, though, let’s share some pictures from the weekend, and some links I found on the internet this past week:

photo (38)

Pretty kitchen, full of food for a really great meal. 

photo (39)

What’s cookin’? Pulled pork, texas caviar, cornbread, home made BBQ sauce and chocolate cake. No big deal. photo (37)Organizing like a crazy person. 

Have a great Monday!


Manic Monday

Happy Happy Monday, friends!
This week marks the return to a regular schedule! While I’ve enjoyed the freedom that freelancing has offered, it’s nice to settle back into a routine- and I’m guessing it will also be a lot more productive.
Here are the links tickling my brain taste buds today:
  • Geek out about fonts here.
  • Interesting insights on how to price your product– always a challenge, especially in the service industries!
  • Work, life and side projects– a great perspective on keeping that balance, and especially the importance of “side projects”. Obviously, I am a huge proponent of this, as I feel these projects are areas in which we explore our passions, learn something new, and keep ourselves from creative stagnation.
  • Along those lines, here is a great article on Tips for Designing Websites! Functionality, architecture, hard design- a great look at the process and the thought that goes into it.
  • This website (found thanks to Pugly Pixel) has some great design elements- simplified color scheme that is calm yet “pops”, easy navigation, great eye-catching layout and typography. And her services sound great too! Thanks, Amy Tangerine.