Erin’s Fashion Philosophy

I’m pretty proud because I kept myself from naming this post “Erin’s Phashion Philosophy”….but only just barely.

On Monday I alluded to the fact that I would start posting about fashion– outfits, combinations, when to wear what- all that typical “woman blogging” stuff.

I’ve resisted doing this before because it seems  a little girly, a little self-absorbed…and just a little silly. But in all honesty, I think a lot about what I wear and how I comport myself. For me, dressing every day can be an experiment in creativity- I view it as another outlet for solving creative design problems using shape, color and texture.

That’s why I wanted to clear things up and share some of my philosophies when it comes to what I wear.

  1. Dress for the occasion- but also dress for the character you are playing that day. I have a friend who is a self-professed “Dress Up Queen”, and I like to think that my years of playing dress up as a child significantly influenced my views on fashion. I am very much a person who dresses in subtle “costumes” to get through the day. Have an important corporate meeting? I’m made up to look like a librarian in my glasses, heels and tight bun.  Need to come across “artsy”? I throw on a silk scarf and a vintage dress from my grandmother with untamed tresses. These “costumes” are a way for me to act the part- even if I’m not particularly feeling it that day. 
  2. Don’t adhere to one set of rules- just dress in a way that makes you comfortable. This rule is two-fold: don’t feel pigeon-holed into dressing in one strict style. I love to dress in some of my vintage clothing one day, then sport a graphic T shirt and cut off shorts the next- I try not to let barriers in terms of style keep me from wearing an outfit I really enjoy. That being said, I don’t condone dressing in a way that feels uncomfortable- whether it’s a skirt that’s a little more skimpy than you’d like, or an outfit that’s just a tad too outrageous to pull off with confidence. Whatever I wear, I want to feel like I look good and look like I feel good.
  3. Play with color, shape, texture and layers. Mix retro and modern, clean cut and unkempt. Out of all my f[ph]ashion philosophies, this ties most into being a designer. Because I’m a morning person, I have the luxury of energy first thing in the morning to look at my closet, try on a few (or six) outfits, play with the above mix, and head out for the day in a new outfit every time. Because of this playful approach to mixing and matching, I like to think I start out my day a little creatively- and jump-start those creative juices flowing for work.

I guess overall, I want to say that I am by no means promoting a sense of fashion or not. I am not trying to say I am “fashionable” in a traditional sense. So there’s my caveat: don’t take anything I say on this subject too seriously.

Keep an eye out for future fashion posts!

Life Philosophies

Lately, due to recent events and having a bit more head space for this kind of thing, I’ve been thinking pretty heavily about my direction and motivation in life. I’ve always been a person driven by achievement; getting good grades, meeting deadlines, creating something new. I am very much motivated by the sense of wellbeing that comes from an accomplished task.

Lately, however, I’ve really found comfort in these two philosophies:

I’m still working out exactly what these mean for me, but wanted to share! Happy, happy Wednesday.

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