Looking forward to the weekend.

Hey there! Things have been pretty quiet around here this week, I’ve been a little over-booked with work and social engagements. After a very busy week, I have to say I’m really looking forward to being a homebody all weekend. Here’s my wish list of things to do:

IMG_1269Do a bit of sewing! I have a few little alterations I’d like to make on my wardrobe, and I am still wanting to finish a few pillow cases.

IMG_1312Ride my bike! I got it a few weeks ago and would love to get a few routes figured out for the purpose of potentially commuting to work!

IMG_1215Cooooooook. I didn’t cook all week, and there’s something about eating out for most of your meals that starts to feel pretty unhealthy. I want to grocery shop with a purpose, prepare a good meal, and eat it up.

What are your plans this weekend?





The joy of making things

Today was my third installment of sewing with Shelley. My mom and I have been making retro-inspired dresses for ourselves. Today we chose buttons and pinned all the trim in place.

There is something about the act of making things with your hands- seeing the materials that go into it, piecing it together, making it fit and work. The steps leading up to a finished product are so often overlooked. It makes you appreciate a final product. It’s nice to work my hands at something.

Sorting through buttons today was kind of a hoot.