The ones that get away

Sometimes when you’re designing for other people, your clients will choose to go a direction that means your favorite designs won’t get made. It’s the nature of creating for someone else’s vision, and normally I kind of enjoy the challenge to step outside of my preferences. But every so often, I’ll continue to develop one of my concepts just for me.

Now I’m not sure when I’d have a chance to use these, as I don’t have an alleyway and almost never have private events, but I’m pretty happy with the typographical layout and overall look.

Manic Monday

I’ve decided that part of this 30 day blogging challenge – for my own sanity- should involve a recurring weekly theme. This, coupled with the amazing stuff and people and projects that I stumble upon (and pin, and just flat-out find!) created Manic Mondays.

These are the links and people and projects that inspire and amaze this week:

  • I’ve mentioned this designer before, but Design Love Fest continues to be one of those blogs that perfectly mixes the in-depth, the topical, fashion and industry and instruction, all in one! I’ve especially enjoyed her collaborations with photographers, stylists and fashion gurus in her more recent series. How daring to branch out in that way!
  • For Kyle’s birthday I got him a print by a local artist of Boba Phat, and have been in love with the Harshness’ etsy page ever since- oh heeey, Game of Thrones.
  • Have you heard of the Vegas neon boneyard? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially as someone who collects letters for my house. My Typography Pinterest Board also continues to be a source of inspiration. What is it about the written word?

You’re all movie stars. Thank you and happy Monday!

12345, 6, 7 (Today)

A Typographic Affair

Hello, my name is Erin and I’m a Typoholic.

Hello, Erin.

In all seriousness, I have a long-standing obsession over typography. Serifs, sans serifs, stroke, ligature, I try to take in all aspects of the lettering. Part of this fascination comes from being a writer and knowing that the way the word looks can often convey just as much meaning as the word itself.

That being said, I tend to collect typefaces. Here’s the pretty piece of typographic eye candy that I’ve become fixated on lately:


I discovered this font while visiting the Portland Street of Dreams in the Pearl. The main thing I really love about this font is the “R” and how it doesn’t quite connect back to the stem. I also love the little serif boots on each letter. It’s light and airy like my much beloved Helvetica, but has the panache of the old western slab serifs.

Taken in the Street of Dreams Hoyt Building

This is how cool I am. Amidst the PDX skyline and beautiful interior design, I take pictures of the wall.

In tribute to my musings on typography, I’ve changed my blog header image to a compilation of photos I took in the Portland area. Each of these images are hand painted (or chiseled) lettering- truly an art form.