Style Icon: you won’t be surprised

As an admitted fashion junkie, one of my go-to role models is the oh-so-twee Zooey Deschannel. This will probably come as no surprise to most of you, especially given my dramatically different hair cut and color last fall in which I pretty blatantly tried to become her:

So why do I love her style?

It’s detailed. Her outfits tend to highlight pattern, embroidery, bows. Everything she wears is styled and detailed and special- you definitely get a sense that her clothing is one of a kind.

It’s girly. As herself and as her characters, Zooey Deschannel dresses with bright, feminine colors. Sequins, bows, a-line skirts and little ballet flats have a way of making you feel like such a girl.


It’s modest and vintage. As a lover of a-line skirts and cardigans, I appreciate this quality. Her outfits tend to hint at having rifled through her grandmother’s closet- which is something I’m known to do in real life.

It’s self-aware. She’s goofy. She goes over the top. And both the way she styles herself and the way she carries herself let people know that she realizes this might be a ridiculous outfit. I love wearing costumes, and am fully aware of how wonderfully ridiculous I can tend to look.

images via here, here, here and Zooey’s Instagram!

A very fashionable Friday to you!

I’ve posted about Alicia before, but I just have to say- I love this girl. She just gets me. Like when I shamelessly send her pictures and texts about my outfit because I think I look cute that day.

That’s why I’m so excited about the picture, below! We were meeting up with a dear brave friend about to go on what I call a “life adventure” (Hey Lisa!) and basically decided we looked too good to not snap a picture.

It was a few days ago, and while the giggling has stopped, I still think we looked pretty dern good. 🙂

Vintage School Inspiration

Lately I’ve been wanting to scour local antique stores for little treasures. Wouldn’t it be great to decorate with these vintage pieces? This collection seems to be themed “elementary school mementos”

This converted schoolhouse desk and chair would make a great mini-workstation. Via Hownowdesign.

After discovering a collection in my Grandma’s condo basement last weekend, I’ve been dying to get an old record player. Via Lordkhan.

The organizer in me loves the idea of converting old library card catalogues- perfect little drawers! Via bitsandbobbins.

Even though I use my cell as the only number to reach me, I might consider getting a land line for this old spin dial phone. Via pipnstuff.

Typophile that I am, these collections of wooden block letters make me swoon! Via Leo Reynolds.