Watercolor Wednesday

Today’s watercolor was the result of something I had been planning for a while! I wanted to play with a map of Portland for a gallery of images I’m working on.

photo (50)

I’m happy with these results! I might try it again in another color pallet, or for another map. Maybe one of Oregon? We’ll see!

The basic process is outlined below- I applied a wax resistance and base coat of color, then started playing around with splatter techniques. At first, I made a huge mess. Then I realized I should put it on some old paper bags to protect my poor floor. Voila! Done.

WATERCOLOR mapHave a great day!

Watercolor Wednesday

I’m pretty pumped about this week’s project. It combines work on the computer and working with my own two hands, and I’m pretty happy with the results!

IMG_0971 IMG_0972 IMG_0973


From the close up of this, you’ll see that this peice involved quite a bit of layering. I essentially took a black and white picture of myself and Kyle that I love, ran it through a couple programs to reduce it to six shades of gray (insert literary joke here) and then painted it in layers, with the lightest layer coming first, the later layers adding to the darkness. Each was was about the same color and opacity, but because it built on existing color, it got progressively darker.

process document

I’m pretty enthusiastic about this and looking for my next photo to do! And contemplating how I could start incorporating more color.


Watercolor Wednesday

Hey there! Still playing with watercolors- check out this dot pattern I made by wetting the page, then adding color in a grid form:

watercolor drops

Also, I found this old watercolor that has given me a few ideas….


I’ve been getting over a nasty bout of illness – the 24 hour bug bites hard! Be safe out there, and wash your hands regularly!!



A Watercolor for your Wednesday



watercolor testing


Lately I’ve been playing with different real-life art supplies. By “real-life”, I mean “not on the computer”. It’s nice to sit and actually do something with my hands. It takes longer, it is harder to make it perfect and it makes a mess of your desk- but it’s a nice way to keep the creative juices flowing. Here’s to more experimentation with artistic forms in the future!



Hello there!

You may have noticed some changes around my blog, and I’m excited to share them with you today! Firstly, I’ve purchased a domain for this little ‘ole blog, and from now on you can find it at heyheyErinMay.com. This name idea first came from a good friend of mine who happens to say this phrase a lot. If you’ve met me in real life, you know I have a tendency to want to say “Oh hey girl, hey heeeeey”…this is a continuation of that.

The other changes are mostly aesthetic, and in part were designed to create a little continuity between this blog and my brand new fancy official website as a freelance designer. I’m still working on building this site out, and there are about a million projects I want to add to “recent work”, but part of the fun of keeping this site is that it’s a work in progress!

Some of the updates:


Part of these redesigns have been to test, learn and prove myself on basic website design. I am starting to offer this to clients, and the more I practice for myself, the better services I am able to provide! So you might just keep seeing things change around here- and please let me know if anything starts to look wonky.

Have a great day!

(Oh yeah, and I’ve added a new signature)

Manic Monday

Here’s another Monday, and another Manic one at that! I am absolutely slammed with work this week (hello, amazing opportunities! hello, steep learning curve!) but I’ll try to keep the blog posts coming- tutorials, fashion posts and maybe something silly here or there 🙂

Here are the quick links I loved this week :

That’s it for now! Happy Monday!